About Us

Sohlo was born out of the need for easier discovery of home based and mobile hair and beauty service providers.

I never grew up going to salons. I had a lot of hair so most of the time salons would charge more or I needed a softer touch that my mother only seemed to have the patience for. She was my hairstylist. 

Growing up, the only concept of a salon I knew was the lady down the block who operated out of her living room for anyone in need of a touch up or a full on new look. The local barber was located in the garage across the street where the wickedest fades came from, and the woman in the upstairs unit would beat your face right in her kitchen and have you coming out of there looking like your best self.

This was the norm. 

The idea of Sohlo was triggered from one specific event. My friend’s sister had a makeup artist cancel on her the day of her prom. It was hard finding a replacement on such short notice. It really hit me. Finding these services in your local area shouldn’t be this hard. Word of mouth only gets you so far and search engines proved to be useless when in need for a mobile makeup artist. This is the moment when I decided to create a space that allowed for these and other independent service providers to be more discoverable as individuals and where Sohlo’s journey began. 

COVID made this mission even more important. With many service providers losing their retail locations and having to start over in their homes, bringing visibility to these amazing options became vital to support local business and get them back on track.

This space was called Sohlo because we celebrate the independent, those taking a chance and killing it on their own. The “H” in Sohlo is for “home”, “hustle”, and the “homie”, because we want you to think of all these things when you think of us.

A message from me on launch day!

Here is more of our story in a podcast I did with Thriver here


- Phoebe (founder of Sohlo)