User Questions

How can I update my preferences (ex. Hair, Makeup, Nails etc?)

You can update your preferences twice a month here.


Service Provider Questions

What types of service providers can be listed on SOHLO?

Currently we are focusing on bringing visibility to Home based and mobile Hair, Makeup, Nails, Brows, Lashes and Barber services.


Will there be more type of services able to list on SOHLO?

Currently we will be focusing on these 6 areas but subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on instagram to keep updated for any changes. 


I applied to have my services as a hair/beauty Boss, when will my profile show up?

SOHLO is updated every Saturday so your profile will update then.


I applied to have my services on Sohlo, but I don't see my profile up.

The following reasons may contribute to your profile not being added to SOHLO:

  • Your services currently don't fall within the 6 categories that we provide.
  • You don't have enough proof of work on your Instagram or Website
  • You don't fall within the Toronto and GTHA areas


I applied to have my services on Sohlo, how do I update my information?

Use the profile update form and add the information. Changes to your profile can only happen once a week.


How do I cancel my membership?

Reach out to us at hello@sohlo.co with the subject line "Cancel Sohlo" and we'll get you sorted out!